Nutri Advanced Metabolic Detox Programme

Nutri Advanced Metabolic Detox Programme

As a qualified Nutri Advanced© Metabolic Detox practitioner, I am pleased to offer my clients the Nutri Advanced© Metabolic Detox Programme –an innovative and effective two week programme specifically designed to help support and nuture the liver and digestive function.

The objective of this programme is to get the liver cleaned up and functioning at its best in just 14 days. The program involves using Nutri Advanced© supplements designed to support liver and digestive function alongside a carefully planned diet, which will help unburden your body of toxic stress.

Your liver and digestive system play important roles in the general health and well-being of your body. Therefore, by ensuring that the liver and digestive system are functioning optimally will help improve and support the rest of your body functions, leading to optimal health and wellbeing.

Can it help me?

The Metabolic Detox Programme tackles fatigue, weight gain problems, blood sugar balance issues, allergies, mental function, skin problems, digestive discomfort, low mood issues, sleeping patterns and fertility concerns, as well as cellular health, mitochondrial function and healthy ageing. By helping to kick start the liver and deigestive system in to working properly, the effect of the metabolic detox will last long after the programme finishes.

Previous participants have reported:

  • Weight loss and reduction in BMI (94% of participants*, average loss = 2.1kg)
  • Reduction in symptoms (96% of participants*), including: Fatigue, poor concentration, headaches, mood swings, frequent coughs and colds, insomnia, bags / dark circles under the eyes, blocked nose / sinus problems, skin rashes and spots, hot flashes, itchy / dry skin, digestive problems (bloating, nausea, indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation), aches and pains, binge eating / drinking, and food cravings.

How does it work?

The metabolic detox programme works in two ways: Firstly, it reduces toxic stress by removing toxins, food allergens, and other nasties from the diet and environment, and secondly, it provides nutrients (through whole foods, quality protein, fruit and vegetables, as well as supplements) that help support optimal liver and digestive function. Basically it is like giving your liver and digestive system a holiday.

What is provided?

The programme includes:

  • 1 hour initial nutritional therapy consultation, in which your health concerns and dietary habits are discussed, and the programme is described in detail.
  • 30 minute follow-up consultation once the programme is finished.
  • Personal email support during the programme – to answer any queries and help keep you motivated.
  • Nutri Advanced nutritional supplements – specifically selected for liver and gut support.
  • Information package - containing all the information you need to successfully complete the programme, including: List of foods allowed, shopping lists, recipes and menu planners.

How much does it cost?

Usually the metabolic detox programme costs £255- this includes all supplements, 2 one-to-one nutritional therapy consultations, information pack (food lists, meal planners and recipes) and email support.

However during May and June 2014, it is on special offer for £205 – saving £50

Any other queries?

Please contact Cynthia Sillars on 07599520406 or by email or through the contact form on this web site.