Phytobiophysics and Vibrational remedies

Scientific investigation into photons and the Bio Photon (the photon which circulates the atom creating colour). 

An Artilce to give greater understanding of the Theory of the Heat Lock and Vibrational Remedies.

Through understanding research in this field and applying it to Diana Mossop’s Phyotbiophysic Flower and Tree Formulas in particular, we are beginning to understand more accurately how Phytobiophysic Vibrational Remedies work.

Essentially the Flower and Tree Formulas are collections of essences made from living flowers and plants, which when combined, resonate on an accurate and particular frequency. They are not ‘accidental mixtures of essences’ and over the course of years of research they have been refined to a point where each formula has been targeted to regulate specific cellular systems in a very accurate manner.

It is necessary to examine the principles of Bio-Photons to understand the philosophy behind the use of the vibration of living plants to restore health.

With the advances of science and instruments to measure vibrations and light emissions it is now understood that ultra weak photon emissions are present in all living tissue/cells. It is also known that diseases are linked to asymmetric photonic light emission from the body. The continuation of life for all living matter also depends on the complex photo-Phosphorilation [receiving of light] for the activation of the mitochondria of every cell.

By combining an understanding of bio-photons/light photons with knowledge of the Extra Cellular Matrix [the communication network between all cells in a living organism] we begin to see that in effect we are constantly giving vibrational messages via bio-photons transmitted directly and instantaneously through a living organism to all it"s cells via their Extra-Cellular Matrix.

These photons have the ability to change the energy production of disease resultant photons, whilst at the same time momentarily passing recognition to the diseased cell producing the aberrant photon, of the correct vibrational level it should function at, according to the original cellular blueprint. One must not forget that a cell functions according to its genetic makeup and disease only destroys in a cell what it is capable of reproducing from this correct information. However, disease does not alter the correct information itself that is the "Blueprint". By signalling, however briefly, the correct frequency of a cell, you allow the cell to reconnect to its blueprint and disease will not be supported. This is the principle of frequency resonance. However the physical body takes longer to respond and it is for this reason that not only is it essential to regulate the Extra Cellular Matrix with an exact photon vibration but this vibration has, also, to be amplified to an exact and specific amplification.

Method of Creating the Essences

Each plant that is used to create an essence is regarding as sacred and is treated with reverence. Prayer and meditation is a valuable part of the entire process of essence manufacturing.

The bio-photons of the living plant are collected in [pure] and blessed water.

The concept of "Pure" water is quite difficult to understand since water takes on so many qualities as has been so graphically demonstrated by the work of the Japanese laboratory by Masuro Emoto.

Distilled water is not appropriate as it is "dead". The water that is used by The Institute is water that has been treated with reverse osmosis or if this is not available, spring water or moving water or the best glass bottled water available.

Blessed water takes on a special quality that also, in effect, purifies the water as a blessing stabilises and rearranges the crystal structure of the water and then this forms a perfect channel for capturing the bio-photon resonance of the plant.

The photon of the plant is like a fingerprint and is so specific that once it has been captured in water it will retain its own message as a memory.

There are essentially twelve days for harvesting of essences, which are the mornings after the full moon. For many centuries most farmers have understood the importance of the lunar cycle when planting seeds and harvesting crops at the times of the Equinox. This method of farming is particularly relative to the Indian culture and has long been understood by the peasant cultures of Europe to be essential wisdom to prevent crop failure. Essences collected at these times are much more potent than those collected on other days.

Crystal glass is used to capture the maximum light from the sun the process of bio photon transference takes several minutes or several hours depending on the strength of the sun and the clarity of the sky. The living plant is folded into the glass of water and on completion of the process the water takes on a sparkling quality and the plant gives off a myriad of tiny little bubbles of Oxygen, which are often visible on the petals.

One drop of the water tincture is taken and transferred into neat Vodka. The essence is then blessed.

Research into the vibrational quality of the tincture is conducted through "live" testing through a surrogate. The technique used is referred to as Acupuncture Testing according to Dr Voll or EAV. Dr Voll a German acupuncturist made a remarkable discovery in the beginning of the last century. He discovered that each acupuncture point of the human body gave off a constant energy of 5.4micro amps and using this knowledge he created a Galvanometer that was capable of measuring this flow of constant energy. He also discovered that if this flow of energy was interrupted in any way, illness was inevitably present. This is the same wisdom that is the basis of temperature taking and the creation of a thermometer. The human body regulates to a constant homeostatic temperature in order to maintain harmony and health, likewise the energy which produces the heat also regulates to a constant homeostatic energy. Through using this knowledge it is possible to create an accurate pattern or picture of wisdom of each plant essence with regard to its healing capabilities. Using this method it is also possible to establish the colour vibration and frequency of each essence. The most important discovery of Phytobiophysics was the remarkable relationship of the vibration of the tincture to the colour of the flowers produced by the plant used to make the tincture. Ancient knowledge with regard to the auric energy field transmitted by the human body, now demonstrated by special photography methods, show that the energy emitted by the human body follows the patterns of frequencies of the rainbow. Through many years of research it has been astonishing to realise that the pattern of healing throughout the body, with vibrational essences, follows exactly the scientific principle of the Newtonian colour wheel/the rainbow. This knowledge is fundamental to understanding the extraordinary capabilities of each individual essence in the harmonising of specific levels, organs and meridians in the body. The energy of each essence is measured in nanometres.

Through combining many essences to create specific tinctures, which ultimately resonate on specific frequencies, has formed the basis of research for Phytobiophysics Complete Harmony. A range of twenty Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas which follow the frequencies of the rainbow and also include the resonance of the fourteen meridians. Subsequently this research has led to the creation of the powerful Tree Superfit range of 10 formulas.

The next process of manufacturing involves amplification by succussion to a specific amplification according to each level of therapeutic requirement.

Placebo sugar pills are then coated with the essences over a period of several weeks.

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