Pure fish oil for therapeutic and anti-inflammatory support.

Why are some fish oils so much better than others.


The choice available to people looking for good fish oils is massive with each company promising theirs is the best. It has been a mission of mine to sort through these many fish oils and find the one that offers the best results for my patients.


I have finally settled upon one company whose products seem to be head and shoulders above the rest. Their core range comprises pharmaceutical-grade fatty acid supplements based around the therapeutic and unique properties of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) in health and disease.


The products of Igennus.com are well researched and come from the ground breaking research of eminent doctor and researcher Professor Basant Puri in 1998. Dr Puri recommended a high EPA supplement for anticoagulant and anti inflammatory benefits, avoiding lifelong reliance on aspirin and prescription antibiotics.


Professor Puri’s work has continued into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with his famous book ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – A Natural Way to Treat M.E.’ available on Amazon.co.uk.and by 2004 had broadened into most areas of health. Many people have been informed that their tiredness is psychosomatic (all in the mind). Depression is the root cause and anti-depressants the only sensible answer to their illness.


Dr Puri establishes that M.E. is almost certainly a physical, or ‘organic’, condition resulting from viruses and other influences that reduce essential chemicals in the body. As such, it can be treated in a natural cost effective way. The book fully explains how EPA (but not DHA) is essential to recover health.



We now understand that good fats are an essential component of a healthy diet and should be eaten regularly. The long chain omega 3 fatty acids known as EPA and to a lesser degree, DHA (docosahexaenoic acids), are especially important. They have a structural role in the cell membrane of every cell in the body. They are involved in many metabolic processes that are essential to health and longevity.

  • optimal brain function & mood balance
  • aspects of cardiovascular health
  • cholesterol & triglyceride management
  • joint & bone health

The range offered by Ingennus is suitable for adults and children. It also includes a pro-EPA plant based alternative to fish oils for vegetarians and vegans.


The programme is in two parts.


Pharmepa Step 1 Restore is ideal for people who have not supplemented with pure EPA (probably most of you reading this article). It should be taken for a minimum of 3 months, probably 6 months is optimal. At 90% concentration, Pharmepa Step 1 Restore is the purest ethyl-EPA supplement available without prescription, suitable for counteracting omega 3 deficincies and restoring a health omega 6 to omega 3 ratio.


Pharmepa Step 2 Maintain is an 80% ethyl-EPA concentrate with GLA and triterpenes from organic virgin evening primrose oil and vitamins B5, D3 and E.

Vitamin D3 contributes to the normal function of the immune system. B5 contributes to normal synthesis  and metabolism of Vitamin D, steroid hormones and some neurotransmitters.

B5 also contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and supports normal mental performance.  Vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.


Vegepa E-EPA 70 or Vegepa Orange Chewables for children is a patented and highly effective supplement for children with problems in the following areas:

  • developmental problems
  • brain function & mental performance
  • hormonal health
  • general well-being
  • inflammatory ailments
  • immunity

They are available on the NHS. Please look carefully at the Igennus web site.

In a double-blind placebo controlled pilot trial with over 90 treatment resistant children with ADHD, Vegepa E-EPA 70 demonstrated statistically significant improvements in 9 out of 10 measures, ranging from aggression, restlessness, inattention, impulsiveness and finishing work to academic performance. 

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