"Blasotcystis is an intestinal parasite, prevalent in up to 20% of the population. Aquired from eating food contaminated with feces from an infected human or animal "

Parasites - the uninvited visitors!


You see the beautiful beach on the television with a clear blue sea, fabulous hotel and you choose – your two weeks of bliss under a hot Egyptian sun. The anticipation gets you through the damp English winter; before too long you’re on the plane, brimming with excitement.


Post holiday, the blues kick in. You shrug them off and soldier on. That tiredness, that bloated tummy, well, it will soon go. But it doesn’t. Weeks drag into months and the feeling gets worse, now you feel tired all the time, your gas & bloating come and go but never stay away for good. Diarrhoea alternates with constipation, your skin is spotty, your body aches and your Doctor says ‘Maybe you need a holiday?’


A chance encounter with a friend gives you your first clue ‘Have you got uninvited visitors’ she asks. The truth dawns slowly. That opportunity to explore on holiday, sample the local produce, ice cubes, salad leaves, has left you the unsuspecting host to an invasion of minute creatures.


‘Guess what came to dinner?’ is your first awakening to the possibility of parasites. It’s also the title of the number one best seller by Ann Louise Gittleman, with a foreword by Prof of Parasitology Dr Omir M. Amin, an international authority on this silent epidemic.


The role of the parasite is not to kill you – you’re the host. By keeping you alive, it survives too. It’s the toxins that give you the feeling that something is not right, or worse.


The souvenirs of world travel can be debilitating, from St Petersburg to Guadalajara, The Great Wall of China to African fresh water. So too can worms from fluffy kittens and puppies living right next to you.


A court order won’t rid you of your unwelcome guests, but a visit to a colon hydrotherapist might. A sensible dual pronged approach would include a consultation with a Kinesiologist specializing in toxin elimination.


Cynthia Alison Sillars DipIK KFRP BRCP understands these problems, uses Genova Diagnostics to evidence the invaders, and herbs regulated by EU standards to treat them, safely, effectively and with a complementary approach to your General Practitioner.


Here at The Healing Touch Therapy Clinic, using the art of Kinesiology and Naturopathy, self perpetuating limiting ill health can be gently dissolved with subtle energy work, making it easier for you to make good choices that nurture your body and your soul.

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