Hay Fever and Urticaria


In the 19th Century the German homoeopath Dr William-Schwabe was engaed on a plant gathering expedition deep in the Amazon rain forest, when they came across the Cinturao Largo tribe west of Manaus.

These native people made a snuff from the dried and pulverised yellow leaves of the Galphimia glauca plant because it produced vehement sneezing and so was useful for clearing congested nasal passages.

Schwabe shipped huge quantities of this plant back to Germany where it became popular with homoeopaths who used it in homoeopathic doses, usually the 4X to alleviate allergic rhinitis. Clinical use has proved its ability to stop allergic sneezing and streaming eyes. In Mexico the same plant is used to alleviate gastro intestinal problems related to allergy.

Although it works well as an anti histamine, a great bonus of this remedy is that it doesn’t have the side effects of some of the anti-histamines sold in shops, like dizziness, constipation and impaired thinking.

Apart from having beneficial effects on seasonal hay fever, Galphimia Glauca has shown benefits to year round allergic rhinitis whether caused by house dust mites or anything else, as well as for bronchial asthma, urticaria, (hives), atopic eczema, nettle rash and allergic stomach complaints. Use depends on taking Galphimia Glauca for three months and then repeating it again in six months time for a further three months.

Galphimia Glauca is a good all round anti allergic reaction remedy, broad spectrum, all purpose that embraces help for similar problems and will help with nose and eye problems no matter what the source.

It is a classic example of the model of homoeopathy in action. What it causes in material doses (uncontrolled sneezing) it can help with in minute doses and without any side effects, proving yet again that homoeopathy is entirely safe.

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Start doses with 15 drops of Galphimia Glauca 4X twice a day between meals about two weeks before the predicted start of the hayfever season for you. take that dose for the entire time you are normally affected.  Follow the same programme the following year and that usually sees an end to it.