Excessive use of mobile phones may cause tumours.

Electromagnetic Toxins, the hidden cause of stress.


Helping you to understand how electromagnetic stress can affect your health.


What is electromagnetic stress?


Our exposure to electricity has increased by a phenomenal amount.  Our houses are increasingly filled with gadgetry, time saving devices, lighting, TVs, and music centres. At work most of us spend the majority of the day on a computer and surrounded by electrical machines.

All these electrical appliances give off electrical fields. Electromagnetic fields are always vibrating; they spread out into space indefinitely and carry alternating electric and magnetic vibrations.

Electricity has become such a central part of our lives that it is hard to question its unseen effects. Yet evidence of its potential danger to health is continuously accumulating and can no longer be disregarded.

Electromagnetic stress affects the immune system, cell growth and tumour formation, foetal development, the central nervous system and the brain.


Symptoms and effects of electromagnetic stress.


Exposure to electrical fields has been linked to many conditions including childhood leukaemia. More people are experiencing adverse effects from this exposure and are reporting a wide range of symptoms that are connected to it. Symptoms may vary considerably from a feeling of lethargy, lack of concentration and fatigue, particularly when using a computer, to much more severe reactions. These may include immune system dysfunction, psychological problems, inability to concentrate, increased anxiety, depression, insomnia and memory loss, dizziness, breathlessness and high blood pressure.

The Wireless age and electrosmog

Wireless technology gets rid of unsightly wires but at what cost to the humans who use it?  With all these new wireless improvements, there is a huge increase in electrosmog. There has been a steady increase of patients complaining of the highly charged atmosphere in their workplace, making them agitated and causing absence from work. Research into Wi-Fi in schools is causing considerable concern to informed parents. The A-COMED will help to find the hot spots in the office, the school, your home and on the street. if you type into a search engine words like Italy bans mobiles in schools you will see that the UK is lagging behind other EU countries.



Effects of pulsed microwaves


The health effects of pulsed microwaves such as those around mobile phone base stations and Tetra masts include sleep disruption, nosebleeds,  headaches, migraines, lethargy, increased blood pressure, skin problems, the triggering of epilectic attacks and electrical hypersensitivity. The A-COMED is sensitive to signals as low as 0.01 V/m and detects the pulsing from sources operating in the range from 50MHz to well over 3000MHz (3GHz).


Geopathic Stress


In addition to the complex electrical environment in which we now live, geopathic stress is also an important factor to be considered for health. Geopathic stress is the detrimental effect of some earth energies on the immune system. The earth behaves like a huge electromagnet with a large number of geo-electromagnetic field lines crossing its surface and rising up through the earth. this natural radiation can be distorted by other electromagnetic fields, subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, underground cavities, cosmic radiation and artificially created electromagnetic fields (like the mobile phone network and TETRA). It is important to remember that geopathic stress is not measurable using a meter. Dowsing is the recognised method of determining geopathic stress.


Measuring and reducing exposure


Measuring the fields in your living space and taking appropriate action may help you to overcome the toxic effect of the electrosmog. How many of us are truly aware of the fields coming in from eg a DECT phone? Even though it is not possible to entirely avoid electrosmog in the UK today, if you know where the fields are highest there is a lot you can do to reduce exposure for yourself and your family. IT IS A VITAL PART OF YOUR RECOVERY OF GOOD HEALTH TO MAKE THE ADJUSTMENTS.


For advice and information on healing your home from this invisible toxin please contact Cynthia Sillars on 07599520406 or email cynthia@healingtouchtherapy.co.uk

Remember, once smoking was considered acceptable. Now it is well understood that smoking causes health problems. You may not be able to 'see' electrosmog, but that doesn't mean it isn't just as harmful as cigarette smoke was.