"The years of our childhood are..the foundation of all our life. We never altogether emerge from them."
Hugh Walpole

My Belief

~The Universe favours symmetry. If you look at Fibonacci sequences (and others) this symmetry is found everywhere across the universe, not just our planet. For example, the geometry of the spiral shell split in two illustrates the pattern and symmetry of life on earth and universal energy; another is found within bee hives and the symmetry of the bee, which is bilateral. Another is seeds, for instance the seeds of a sunflower, or in pinecones, or in galaxies ~

~ Let us take it as given that the universe is always moving towards symmetry. It will always default to symmetry after chaos, and symmetry becomes the ultimate expression of universal energy~

~ Love is also energy, just as real as the energy produced by a car engine. It is the driving force of the universe. I know it always goes towards symmetry as a natural expression of itself ~

~Any distortion of the energy of love produces un-ease in the energy; it becomes asymmetrical. Lop-sided. Unbalanced. Uneven. This imbalance leads to many problems, not the least of which is health problems, but also financial problems and relationship problems ~

~The work that I do is about balancing energy to make it less lob-sided. I begin with Chakra energy giving it symmetry, and then move onto personal beliefs, giving them symmetry, then to the family, the ancestors of the person and the energy that cascades down from one generation to the next, giving that symmetry~

~If you like, it is the spirit of our DNA that we carry forward from one generation to the next, as well as the physical DNA. Those in our family who have been marginalized, left out, left un-remembered must be re-membered for all to work in harmony and for symmetry to be created.

~Reversing any asymmetrical energy in the person’s body, resolving the symmetry of their personal energy field tends to lead to regaining health ~

~When there is an Asymmetrical Energy of Love in a family the resultant chaos can precipitate crises of body and soul. In the Family, some ‘feel’ that they have been left out. Others ‘feel’ violated in the natural order of precedence. You yourself might ‘feel’ you were treated unfairly but can't express how or why ~

~I cannot predict what will happen as a result of this on an individual basis. I see in my work the problems caused and I put the healing touch towards redressing the symmetry of love that is lost~ 

~In each life we learn from the challenges we face, from our relationship with ourselves and our family, and from the environment into which we are born. As we learn, we evolve into more spiritual beings~


~Life is a process of change, and changing becomes the object of life itself~


~My experience has shown that by creating Symmetry of energy, pure energy cascades down into the physical body and all other problems resolve more readily~ 


~This is the focus of the Chakra work, a 'once in a lifetime' process that stay with the person for ever~ 


I use Prof Diana Mossop's PhytobiophysicTM Superfit Formulas and Flower Formulas for the simple reason that they work. I have used them myself to great effect, even when faced with very difficult acute health problems. If I had not had such amazing results for myself and my family I would not be so passionate about them.


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"Come to the edge. We might fall. Come to the edge. It's too high. COME TO THE EDGE. And they came, and he pushed, and they flew."