Zeolite in mercury poisoning

Zeolite in mercury poisoning.


IF YOU SUFFER from mercury poisoning symptoms, you can treat yourself quite easily with liquid cellular zeolites. Zeolite is a negatively charged mineral that magnetically draws harmful positive charged metals and mercury to itself. It traps them in its cage-like structure and takes them out of the body with no overload on the body's detoxification system.


ZEOLITE does not accumulate in the body and does not attach itself to body tissues. It remains suspended while drawing out heavy metals that are attached to body tissues. This process allows the body to dispose of the metals thru its normal detoxification processes. It reduces any die-off symptoms caused by the mycotoxins the candida can produce.  

Most zeolite products only work in the intestinal tract. That's because the zeolite molecules stack together to form large structures that are too big to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Cellular Zeolite uses zeolite that has undergone a patented process where the zeolite is heated, cleansed of all toxins it picked up when it was in the ground, calcium, magnesium and potassium are added to it in very small quantities, and then it is cooled. A four day process. This process keeps the zeolite at a small size and keeps it from stacking up. It is suspended in a liquid to further prevent stacking.


As a consequence, research shows that 60% of the zeolite in Cellular Zeolite goes into the bloodstream where it does its job of detoxifying before it is excreted through the urine. 40% is eliminated through the bowels and was used to detoxify the intestinal tract.

It will not chelate mercury in silver amalgam dental fillings because it works in the blood stream and intestinal tract with the kidneys and liver. These organs filter and detox the body hundreds of times a day, but with metal poisoning, there comes a point when the body is over saturated and is no longer able to remove these excess metals. It just does not have the resources left to do so, cellular zeolite gives the body another resource for mercury poisoning and metal detoxification. It is filtered and flushed by the body easily with the excess metals trapped in its cage-like structure.

It has an affinity to first attract mercury, and then other heavy metals. Then it starts working on other chemicals and toxins and attracting viral particles to itself. Not only is it a potent, fast acting heavy metal detoxifier, it is a virus and a Candida killer.


A virus is too large to be captured in its molecular structure, but when a virus replicates it splits into viral particles. Cellular Zeolite attracts and captures these viral particles. This prevents the virus from replicating, and thus it kills viruses. 


One woman started out giving her 32-pound autistic child just one drop a day. It was so powerful that two drops were too much at first as her son was constipated and toxins and viruses were not being eliminated in a timely manner. Yet after a month of just one and later two drops a day, the pH in the intestinal track had been improved so much she counted 30 clusters of candida fungi coming out in a bowel movement.  


CELLULAR ZEOLITE is very good at what it does. It tends to work fast and is completely safe. Because it traps the toxins, few side effects can result.  

Cellular Zeolite is a powerful detoxifier and viral killer that can only be of benefit to someone with candida and high mercury levels. 


 Metal and mercury poisoning treatment can be done right along with natural candida cleansing with very little if any cleansing reactions. The best time to really do this is while you are taking the herbs in order to remove the mercury and the candida together, especially the candida that has absorbed it's weight in mercury.

 Zeolite has been used for 800 years throughout Asia as a traditional remedy to promote overall health and well-being. It has also undergone more than 15 years of pharmaceutical research in the U.S. with humans, including at least one peer-reviewed clinical study relating to the higher excretion values achieved with the NCD product itself. Numerous studies have shown that the characteristic molecular structure of natural zeolite means it can be used to bind and filter out heavy metals, radioactive nuclides (e.g. caesium-137, iodine-131, strontium-90) and other harmful and waste materials (e.g. sulphate and ammonium ions, methane) in living organisms. Zeolite is included on the US Food and Drug Administration's GRAS list (“generally recognized as safe”) - i.e. it is considered by the FDA to be "completely safe."