Sulphite Allergies

Sulphites can cause health problems


Sulfites pose a greater danger to some people than to others.  People with asthma, a history of allergies, or a deficiency of the liver enzyme sulfite oxidase can suffer great harm. 


It is not always easy to determine if a food product contains sulfites.  Reading labels carefully is a good start. Sulfiting agents appear in food ingredient lists in a variety of ways, including sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite, potassium bisulfite, potassium metabisulfite and sulfur dioxide.  Any ingredient ending in –sulfite should be assumed to be a sulfiting agent.  If you have ever suffered a reaction after ingesting a food you believe contained sulfites, you should beware of the foods and beverages listed in the following table which often contain these substances.  Sulfite-free forms of some of these foods may be found in health food stores.


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Avocado dip (guacamole)       Grapes                                     Potatoes                                  Prepared cut fruit or vegetable salads

Coleslaw                                 Mushrooms                

Fish and Shellfish

Canned seafood soups                        Dried fish                                Frozen, canned or dried          Oysters

Clams                                      Fresh shellfish,                              shellfish                             Scallops

Crabs                                           especially shrimp                 Lobster                                    Shrimp

Prepared Processed Foods

Beet sugars                              Cornstarch                               Horseradish                             Sauerkraut

Breading mixes                       Dietetic processed foods        Jams and jellies                       Shredded coconut

Breakfast cereals                     Dried or canned soups                        Maraschino cherries                Trail mixes

Brown sugar                            Dry salad dressing mixes        Noodle and rice mixes            Wine vinegar

Canned fruit pie fillings          Frozen, canned or dried          Olives             

Canned mushrooms                      fruits and vegetables        Onion relish

Caramels                                 Frozen French fries                 Pickles

Corn, maple and                      Glazed fruits                           Potato chips   

     pancake syrups                   Hard candies                           Sauces and gravies


Apple cider                             Bottled, canned or frozen       Cordials                                   Gelatin

Baked goods                                 vegetable juices                 Cornmeal                                 Instant tea mixes

Beer                                         Cocktail mixes                        Frozen doughs                                    Wines

Bottled, canned or frozen       Colas                                       Fruit drinks                            

          fruit juices

Vegetable juices

Plus, most Wines these days contain added sulphites – which cause the most horrendous hangovers!


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