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Cynthia A. Sillars,  KFRP Naturopath APBP NLP.

Cynthia has worked alongside Professor Dame Diana Mossop in Jersey as well as working in Darlington, Harrogate and Jesmond Newcastle on Tyne. As a Kinesiologist, Naturopath and Reiki Master she integrates Diana Mossop's Phytobiophysic Flower Formulas and Superfit Tree Formulas as part of her treatments. [click here to read more]. She holds clinics in Harrogate, Jesmond, Newcastle and 1 Blackwell Lane, Darlington.

Would you like to find out more? I'm here to take your call to discuss your concerns to see if we can work together to find the hidden causes of your health problems. The first step is to either telephone or text me on 07599 520 40607599 520406 OR you can contact me by email and we can decide together what treatment will suit you best. If the answer machine is on just leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as possible.

'The universe likes SPEED. Donít delay, donít second-guess, donít doubt..............' Rhonda Byrne, The Secret.

Clinics: 11 - 12 Clayton Road, Jesmond, Newcastle NE2 4RP. The Clinic, Room 6, 1 Blackwell Lane, Darlington, DL3 8QF and Harrogate at Pure Treatment Rooms, 1 Cheltenham Grove, Harrogate HG1 1DW


Minerals and Hair mineral analysis

Minerals are the spark plugs of life, but are largely forgotten in the healing process. Unlike some vitamins, they are not produced naturally in the body.  If you have ever wondered if you are getting the right nutrients this test will show you clearly how your body is functioning. Not having the right balance of minerals can leave you feeling tired and lethargic. Hair Mineral Analysis  gives you a unique perspective on your health that would otherwise be hidden. This highly revealing test offers incredible value for money - helping you to achieve better health and vitality. 

Not within travelling distance? If you live too far away to travel to Darlington or Newcastle upon Tyne, or you may be housebound, I can offer a telephone consultation with Hair Mineral Analysis - just give me a call on 07599 520 40607599 520406 for a free 10 minute conversation to find out more; thereafter consultations are £75.00 INCLUDING FREE online email coaching between appointments to help you through the recovery stage Become part of The Healing Touch Therapy network for better health and better care.

To understand more about kinesiology and muscle testing, please click on the following links . To read about Phytobiophysics visit Also the British Register of Complementary Practitioners - [BRCP] which is administered by the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine [ICNM]. T

Further education and experience - since qualifying as a Kinesiologist, Cynthia has taken a special interest in the field of Nutrition and naturally-orientated medicine. She has attended a wide variety of training courses, seminars and lectures which include those organised by nutritional supplement companies like Nutri Advanced Ltd and Mineral Check Ltd. She is a Reiki Master in the lineage of Reiki Jin Kei Do as well as practising NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming], and writing articles for web sites like and as well as her own monthly enewsletter.

  • Member of British Register of Complementary Practitioners BRCP
  • Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner KFRP 
  • Sound Therapy Practitioner
  • Reiki Jin Kej Do Master
  • International NLP Trainers Association Registered Practitioner
  • Institute of Phytobiophysics Registered Practitioner
  • Anatomy and Physiology with Applied A & P
  • Evolving Spiritual Awareness Practitioner [Meditation]
  • Mindfulness Meditation Guide
  • Past Lives and Sacred Contracts Therapist
  • Hair Mineral Analysis Registered Practitioner
  • Nutritional Therapist and Naturopathic Practitioner
  • Experienced columnist for web sites with special interests in health


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