"I would much rather know what sort of person has the disease than what sort of disease the person has."


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Do you ever wonder if you can restore your good health and be really well again?

The look of health is a natural glow that anyone can attain if they invest in a lttle bit of time for themselves and some self discipline.

Can you remember what it felt like to be really healthy? Unravelling the maze that led you to poor health is part of my skill as a Health Practitioner. I listen to you, find out what was happening to you before you became unwell and re-discover the path that led you to sickness. Reversing that path is 'key' to re-establishing good health. I know that following a natural diet and lifestyle can restore your health, influence your gene expresssion (epigenetics) and guide you to healthy longevity. However, what is a natural diet? I pose the question because these days we have become detached from healthy choices by consumer pressure to buy pre-prepared food.

Everyone, including you, has a natural inherent ability to heal. Think of the simple but dynamic process of healing that takes place if you cut your finger. You know instinctively that it will eventually heal by itself. You may use a plaster, keep it clean and days later your body has done its job healing over the wound with a scab, which finally falls away to reveal new skin. NOW! Transfer that thought to your internal body, the parts you can't see but you can feel and experience. Give that natural healing ability in you a chance to awaken on the inside. Rediscover your vibrant health!

The role of the Naturopathic approach is simple and pure: 'Using nature to nurture'.

  • Access the healing power of nature - nature has the innate ability to heal
  • Identify and treat the cause - there is always an underlying cause, be it physical or emotional
  • Do no harm - a Naturopath will never use treatments that may create other conditions
  • Treat the whole person - when preparing a treatment plan, all aspects of a person’s being are taken into consideration
  • The physician as teacher - a Naturopath empowers the patient to take responsibility for his/her own health by teaching self-care
  • Prevention is better than cure - a Naturopath may remove toxic substances and situations from a patient’s lifestyle to prevent the onset of further disease
  • Plus, because you know deep down that emotional stresses make you feel physically sick you will be shown ways to develope awareness to support the healing process with affirmations, meditation and visualization to increase spiritual harmony.

Ask yourself, how bad has your health got to get before you do something about it?

Feel like a chat to someone who will understand your health concerns? Give me a call or send me an email and we can find out if we can work together to bring about real changes in your life. Mobile is best for me plus you can text - 07599520406.

To download a patient registration form click here. For special payment plans and discounts for block bookings please click on the links at the end of this page [Programmes and Prices]. All foods and supplements recommended are tested for suitability and compatability with your existing medication. At no time should you discontinue medication without your Doctor's approval.

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Vital Mineral Therapy using Hair mineral analysis

Minerals are vital for life, but are largely forgotten in the healing process and unlike some vitamins, they are not produced naturally in the body. You need the right amount and the right balance to be healthy. Here at The Healing Touch Therapy I use the Hair Mineral Analysis to ensure you have the right levels of minerals. A Hair Mineral analysis will be offered with telephone consultations as an indication of health levels and imbalances.

Hair mineral analysis explained

Your hair can reveal a lot about the state of your health. It is much more than a test for minerals. It can help you identify:

  • Your metabolic rate
  • Your stage of stress
  • How your immune system is coping
  • The activity of your adrenal and thyroid glands
  • Your energy levels
  • Levels of toxic minerals in your tissues

And much more...

Hair analysis is an invaluable screening tool which measures the levels of twenty-one minerals and toxic metals present in a sample of hair. Minerals are the ‘spark plugs’ of life and play many important health related roles within the human body.

The test is not intended to be diagnostic and simply reflects long term metabolic activity over a three month period of time creating a blueprint of each individual’s biochemistry in order to identify stress, blood sugar and carbohydrate imbalances, metabolic rate and glandular imbalances.

www.nutri.co.uk As a registered practitioner with Nutri I am able to offer highly effective supplements from a company in their 26th year of pioneering nutritional supplements for healthcare practitioners. I am registered with the British Register of Complementary Practitioners [BRCP] which is administered by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine and is considered to be the gold standard of excellence amongst complementary practitioners. I am also a Registered Practitioner with the Kinesiology Federation: visit www.kinesiologyfederation.org

Healing Newcastle, Healing Darlington, Naturopathy Newcastle, Naturopathy Darlington, healing Yarm, healing Stockton on Tees, healing Kinesiolgy