"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less."
Marie Curie. Twice Nobel prize winner


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Hi Cynthia
love this buckwheat/flaxseed ect breakfast you showed me, can i say since you seen me i feel really good with the inner me witch in turn is giving me a little bit more confidence every day. hopefully 2015 i will be in the best shape ive ever been, inside and out, then ill see you for another hair analysis to see how my body is working inside again and fingers crossed no traces of arsenic. thankyou cynthia.

GB Peterlee


Hi Cynthia

I hope you don't mind me getting in touch every now and then - I feel as though I have you to thank for opening my eyes to this new world and I want to let you know how much you've helped! A week ago I had my amalgam fillings removed with Hesham El-Essawy....wheni first went to see him he said I was one of the most mercury-toxic patients he has had....I am already feeling a lot better - I think it is going to be a slow journey but my foggy head is much better and today I've woken up with more energy that I've had in a long time! My skin has slowly been improving since last November and December which was when it was at it's very worst. I am thinking about studying part-time for a naturopathic nutrition degree or similar. I have been thinking about this for quite a while now and I am so drawn to it - I spend all my spare time reading about various natural health topics and it really makes me feel passionate.

L.C.N southampton

Hi Cynthia,

Once I started talking to you on Saturday I began to realise a few things .

When I was younger my mum was not a 'give you a cuddle' & say to you that she loved you. I always knew she was there for me but she didn't show very much affection. If I wanted a cuddle I would go to my dad. Unfortunately my dad died when I was 21. So through the years I had put my Dad on a pedestal & my mum had to deal with everything else.
For many many years I felt angry & resentful towards my mum. I carried that anger for probably the last 25 years. I only realised on Saturday that I do not feel angry & resentful anymore. I have somehow realised that my mum is not a very affectionate person due to the fact that she lost her mum at 17 & then lost her only sister at a very young age. She was brought up by her father with no female influence & he probably was not affectionate, as in those days that was the woman's job the run the house & see to the children. My mum was a very strong practical person, which she got from her dad. I don't think she got a lot of affection growing up & she therefore never gave much to me. I think she was brought up on a more practical basis & she didn't think about giving affection.
After working with yourself & you working on me I have suddenly realised that I am no longer holding onto these feelings of anger & resentment towards my mum. I do not know when/how these feelings changed but I do know that now my mum & I can sit down together & I can enjoy spending time with together. I want to thank you very much for helping me.
M. Scotland. 


Great thanks Cynthia. I really appreciate your support with my health, fitness and wellbeing, you are brilliant and you care. If ever you want a client testimonial I will happily write.

Ps if you could somehow work out how I can only cycle “downhill” you’d be my hero for ever!! J

DS Washington


Dear Cynthia

What a Godsend you are. Where would I be without you? Four times in my life my body (without warning) has gone into shock and then when it has passed it has left my body in a state of panic, tension and anxiety with everything working ninety to the dozen, leaving me, despite all my best efforts, eventually totaly unable to hardly function on any level. It has been so cruel as NO one has ever been able to explain what happens and why except for you. I have total confidence in you after all my treatments.

JS Stockton


Hi Cynthia, Many thanks for your letter and chart received today.
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thankyou for all your help. I am very glad I found your details on the internet. I have found all your advice to be extremely beneficial and am obviously thrilled to be feeling much better. Having more energy is wonderful. Having my amalgams removed is something I will look into, possibily in the autumn I may have time to go down to London for some advice on this. By the way I started the oil pulling this morning, I never thought 20 minutes could take so long. Thankyou again. P.P County Durham 04/07/13


Cynthia, You have done a great job with all your adivce for me and my family. We are incorporating your advice into our lives and I am seeing the good results. Just wanted to say a big thank you.

N. A-D Hexham from FAcebook 'The Healing Touch Therapy' page 02/07/13


Dear Cynthia, I am well thank you. So must be feeling the benefit !!! HOORAH! Off on holiday next week for 4 weeks, so will be back in touch in September time. Have a lovely summer and thank you for your time and input to my health

BB London 04/07/13


Dear Cynthia

Because I feel so close to you, I am writing to tell you that mam died in the early hours of Thursday morning. A little noise woke me and I sat up in bed and said 'mam' and I knew that she had gone. No words could describe the journey that I have been on over the years, especially the last year but I will treasure what it has given me..........So - I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me well enough to cope with mams earthly journey and death and for what has to be got through and organised now. I couldn't have got this far without you Cynthia and I will always be eternally grateful to you. Much love and see you soon. J.A. 


Dear cynthia, I just thought I should tell you I'm very grateful to have met you. :) I'm thinking of you and hope you are well.


S.A'C 14/4/13


Hi Cynthia

Was good to meet you, may turn out to be one of the best things I've ever done. Those supplements you got me are absolutely brilliant, my sinus's are nearly always clear now and the cough is a fair bit better aleady as well! They've done more for me in 2 weeks than the NHS did in 5 years. Could you give me a bit more advice with regard to diet? And what other vitamins I should take. I am feeling great right now, cough is practically non-existant and my head feels clear.

K.M Aryshire.


I found Cynthia Sillars by synchronicity while looking for an holistic dentist to remove my mercury fillings. That happy chance has led to my health improving so much that I now feel the best I have done in years. Her treatments and advice on diet choices and supplements along with what to avoid have improved my sleep, energy levels and general outlook. She is an empathetic, knowledgeable professional.

Ann F, Newcastle upon Tyne.



Dear Cynthia,

Thank you for giving me reassurance and hope when everything seemed so desperate and I had no hope or a path to follow as no-one believed my health situation but you. 

I am continuing to improve and I am managing to do so many little personal things for mam (94 years old) and for that I will be eternally grateful. Thenk-you for reminding me of the power of prayer and the will to carry on and the patience to do it.

Every day is beginning to be better and better, thanks to your wonderful encouragement, treatments and expertise. You are amazing.

Much love and gratitude.

JA Stockton on Tees


Dear Cynthia

Just a few words to say how much you have helped me. When I first met you at the Positive Health Day I knew you were the person for me. You were so professional and passionate about your work.

The weeks that followed coming to see you made a great difference to my life and the pain I was suffering. I felt I could cope better, and also a Bonus I felt better. The treatments and advice you gave were invaluable, especially leading up to the Operation. I really felt Confident and that there was 'HOPE'.

Thank you again for all your help I am so much better.

Love, Elizabeth.

Darlington. July 2012


Being diagnosed with breast cancer  was a big shock in 08, & having found it for the second time in November 2010 was just my worst nightmare.
Not knowing where to turn someone gave me Cynthia's phone number. I can honestly say it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Having Kinesiology was a bit strange at first but it has completely turned my head around, I feel totally at ease with everything and no more panicking over silly little things.
Cynthia has taken away all the crap that I've been carrying around for years... I really think this has been the best form of treatment I've tried and it has worked for me too - that's the difference.

Tracey W. May 2012


Hi Cynthia
Thank you for your time and consultation yesterday I do feel more energised and I have had a very deep sleep
Wishing you a wonderful weekend
Best regards M - Hexham,

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When I went to Cynthia for Kinesiology I was feeling permanently sick and bloated. I had done everything the doctor recommended but still I felt no better. I had heard about Cynthia through a friend, and although I was cautious at first, I felt that I had nothing to lose. I can't begin to say how much working through my diet and lifestyle with Cynthia has helped me. I have lost four stones in wieght and I am full of energy. Another amazing benefit of the treatments is that I have stopped getting arthritic pain in my fingers. I have been able to knit for my new baby grandson and restart my old hobby of making and icing wedding cakes.

Mrs J.S. Northallerton 16/02/09

"I am so glad I discovered Cynthia and Kinesiology, a treatment I felt was unique to me! The non-intrusive and non-traumatic means by which kinesiology operates is awesome.  All I can say is my life has completely changed. It has improved my relationships and my health, given me more energy, vitality and career direction and healed traumas without me even realising it.  I can now discover my passions enabling me to achieve life goals. I am free to be successful.  THANK YOU so much Cynthia for your calm presence and kind nature during my visits over the last 7 months, and most of all for the smile I now wear every day.

T. M. Darlington. 23/11/09

"After my first visit to your clinic for Kinesiology, it only took a couple of weeks before I was feeling different - I had more energy and I started to lose weight quite rapidly.........Cynthia, I would like to thank you for what you have done to improve the quality of my life".

Sharon Noaman, Travel Counsellor.

What an AMAZING service! I just had to let you know. I am always a little untrusting still of buying on-line from new suppliers and yet you were OUTSTANDING! Arrived within a day and with a personal letter, discount code for my next order and some free samples! OMG! A new customer for life and I will be recommending you! ........ Thanks, honestly, your customer service was freshingly fantastic.

P Maryan 03/09/08

It's hard for me to explain but I knew that emotionally I had repressed my feelings all of my life.  When I was told that Cynthia works on an emotional level I knew that I had to try to see her.  After just two sessions of Kinesiology I became aware that I had to "let go," of the past and the anger that was raging within me.   I realised that it's O.K to be happy and my new daily mantra is "I deserve to be happy" 
Since attending the sessions my life is getting back on track and I have been able to return to work afer six months sickness due to mental health issues.  I am much stronger mentally and physically and I feel that life is good.  The whole experience was extremely enlightening and I consider that the treatment had a very positive effect on my life.   I am very grateful to Cynthia and feel that she has played a vital role in my recovery. 

Caroline K, Hants. March 09