"Imagine - what if you had access to a simple yes-or-no answer to any question you wished to ask. A demonstrably true answer. Any question - think about it. "
Dr David Hawkins MD. PhD. 1995


Welcome to The Healing Touch Therapy.

I look forward to working with you to guide you to a better understanding of your health.

This is a partnership. I do my part, which is radical Kinesiology to harmonize your Chakra energy.


You have your part to do as well, which is to respond to the messages your body is giving you by nurturing it.


What do I mean by this – will I be asking you to radically change your diet, all your relationships, everything you hold dear and familiar in you life?

No of course not?


However what happens is that subtle changes start to transform your habitual thinking patterns as the Chakra work takes effect.


This in turn encourages you to let go of old patterns of thinking, which makes a difference on every level of your being.


Your part in this is to look carefully at the guide brochure you receive on your first appointment and then start to make informed decisions about where you want to be.


If you always do the same things, you can’t expect a different result.


The old saying, ‘sickness comes on horseback but leaves on foot’ is as true today as ever before.


Part of the process of nurturing yourself is to accept that results are not instant, and to keep a record of tiny changes – these will add up to the big change you are looking for.


Please begin by reading through the information gathered in the brochure and making a note on the diary of the three categories.

  • Do now – immediately.
  • Do in the next four weeks – plan and carry out so that you notice a change.
  • Do in the next three months – these are the ones I expect you to feel are hard to change.  This is where the Chakra work will help and support you. It is miraculous how it works.

There are unpredictable possibilities with the process you are about to begin.

The alternative is that the risks of staying sick are all too predictable.


See your life as an experiment and you are the one in control making choices.

Ask yourself what YOU can do to change your world.

Then devote yourself to the experiment of your POTENTIAL.

Using kinesiology and naturopathy together with Hair mineral analysis for a deeper understanding of your health and vitality in Harrogate, Darlington, Durham, Teesside, Billingham, Newcastle and Stockton on Tees

Feel like a chat to someone who will understand your health concerns? Call or send me an email and we can find out if we can work together to bring about real changes in your life. Email Cynthia.sillars@gmail.com To download a patient registration form click on the icon below. For special payment plans and discounts for block bookings please click on the links at the end of this page [Programmes and Prices]. All foods and supplements recommended are tested for suitability and compatability with your existing medication. At no time should you discontinue medication without your Doctor's approval.

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