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The Healing Touch Therapy is about you and your health. Making YOU better - helping you get back your joy and vitality in life when nothing else has worked for you.

It's that simple.

If you ever thought there was no hope, think again.

Your life, like the sky, can become so clouded over with problems that you can't make sense of it. However you have a choice. Even though you may feel it is too late to change, the truth is, you can change your life any time you want. You only have to decide, take action and it will happen. Once you begin, the journey becomes as fascinating as anything else you have achieved.


As a Naturopath, Kinesiologist and Nutritional therapist, I have found that to achieve good health the root cause of the problem must be established. What triggered the pain and inflammation? When did your health truly start to suffer?


Acknowledging that the way you are living does not give you the pleasure or the satisfaction you thought it would gives you an incentive. Listening to what you think has happened really gets to the begining of why you have a health breakdown. My experience is that people always intuitively know how they became ill. My skill is to guide them back through the maze that led them to that state of being. In this way, the reversal is easier to manage back to radiant good health. Telephone 07599 520406 for a free initial consultation. See your health, which is your life, as an experiment. Ask yourself what you can do to change your world. Then devote yourself to the experiment of Your POTENTIAL.


Current medical practice of treating only the symptoms does not appear to be working effectively for most people with long term health problems. To me it's the equivalent of putting a sticking plaster over a dirty wound. You can't see the dirt, but you know it's still there and it you know it will fester.  Digging deeper to find the true cause of the problems, be they health related or emotionally related, gets to the root cause of health problems. We know that stress fuels health problems. Not many of us know how that works inside us, with all the damage it causes. Stress over a period of time can have a dormant stage, then suddenly the body hits a crisis and a major health problem is upon you.

By establishing the inter-woven web of mind, body and spirit, by carefully listening to your history, it is possible to piece together the unique series of events that brought you to a state of dis-ease or unwellness.


This is a three fold approach; to establish the cause of the physical symptoms by taking deep look at mineral patterns, lifestyle patterns and emotional/spiritual patterns. It is truly holistic and leads to you recovering your peace of mind, which in turn leads to harmony in your physical body.


With guidance you can develop ways to keep yourself healthy that are not expensive and which work.


Does this sound like an approach you can trust? Discover how you can recover from pain - call me now to book a free initial consultation.


You can relax in the lovely spacious clinic in Darlington where you will feel safe and at ease. There's free parking close by and a comfortable reception.

If you are from the Newcastle or Harrogate area, you can make an appointment in either the Jesmond clinic or Pure Treatment Clinic, Cheltenham Mount.


Vital Mineral Therapy with Hair Mineral Analysis gives guidance on mineral imbalances, nutrition and your metabolic profile, all of which are fundamental to good health.  I also advise on deeper scientific testing with Genova Diagnostics when I think it's necessary.  




Take a look at some of the articles posted in the left hand column of this site. If the message means something to you, give me a call and we can talk about it. The newest article is on the benefits of Champagne! Is it the next superfood (or drink!)?


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Clinic at 1 Blackwell Lane, Darlington, Co Durham. For appointments please telephone 01325 730271 or 07599520406. Your call will be treated with urgency and respect.

I also practice from JBC Vitality, Clayton Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne. The link to Jesmond Beauty clinic is  http://www.jesmondbeauty.co.uk/kinesiology/index.cfm. For an appointment please contact Marion on 0191 281 8775. A warm welcome is guarenteed!

For Hartlepool, Sunderland, South Shields, Durham, Barnard Castle, Bishop Auckland and Stockton on Tees I recommend the Darlington clinic.

I am taking appointments for Harrogate where I shall be practicing from Pure Treatment rooms, 1 Cheltenham Mount, HG1 1DW

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